REVIEW: Oxford Cottage: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Leenie Brown


So I won this this book in a facebook contest and decided to read it pretty much straight away. You can however find the unedited version on

Book Blurb: On a rainy day in April, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Charles Bingley stop to ask a gentleman for directions to Netherfield since the ones they have been given appear to be faulty. At the gentleman’s insistence Darcy and his friend seek refuge from the rain at a nearby cottage. The young woman who greets them captivates Darcy with both her beauty and character.

Elizabeth Bennet possesses a quick mind and a determined spirit. She is resolved to complete the challenge her father has set before her at Oxford Cottage. However, she does not expect to be met by a handsome stranger and fall in love, nor does she expect to find herself thrust into a situation where her quick thinking may be all that can keep both herself and her young companion safe.

My Synopsis: This book begins with five-year old Elizabeth Bennet meeting the Earl of Matlock when hiding in the room where her Uncle Edward and him are playing chess. The Earl ends up liking the young girl and over the years she joins their family at their estate and ends up interacting with Mr. Darcy’s father at Pemberley when she is fifteen. He also ends up liking her and he thinks that she would be a perfect match for his son, Fitzwilliam. However her father, the Earl, her Uncle Gardiner and her Uncle Phillips don’t let them meet until she is twenty-one years old.

Lizzy, Mary and Jane are living at Oxford Cottage (a house their father had built so they can learn how to run a household) when Mr. Bingley and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy are directed to the cottage while looking for Netherfield in the rain. What’s funny is that it’s Mr. Bennet who directs them to the cottage in the first place. Of course the customary pairings happen. Though Mary gets a suitor by the name of Mr. Matthews.

Meanwhile back in London Mrs. Younge is trying to get Georgiana Darcy to Ramsgate so the infamous almost elopement can happen. Though her brother gives her permission to go to Ramsgate she ends up going the Bennet sisters at Oxford Cottage. Mrs. Younge then contacts Mr. Wickham and she ends up convincing Hannah (Miss Darcy’s maid) to give up her virtue to George Wickham (though while in Meryton he goes by the name Worthing and disguises himself as an old man) and to consider becoming a prostitute. That plan ends up failing and he kidnaps Georgiana and Elizabeth, trying to extract the amount of Georgiana’s dowry from Fitzwilliam. Colonel Fitzwilliam arrives in Meryton after this happens to investigate Mrs. Younge.

Mr. Darcy, Colonel Fitwilliam, the Earl and Mr. Bennet all end up trying to rescue the girls where they eventually end up back at Oxford Cottage (Wickham was moving their location everyday). He was having Lizzy and Miss Darcy write ransom notes everyday but they ending up leaving clues in the notes, so that’s how they are found and capture Mr. Wickham. Everybody who was involved in the kidnapping is arrested and transported to Van Dieman’s Land (which is Tasmania in Australia). Anyways Lizzy and Fitzwilliam marry and end up having a male heir for Pemberley by the end of the book.

My Opinion: I actually really like this book. The only problem I had was that there was missing words and punctuation and mis-spelled words. The authors blurb at the end of the book said she had editors but they missed some stuff. The book was formatted very well (I read the kindle version). I HATE poorly formatted ebooks. But you won’t have that problem with this book.  I eagerly await more books by this author.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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